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By Arrangement - Nearly two decades ago, Will Richardson made a promise to Julie Brennan. Ten years ago, he broke her heart. . . . Today they'll meet again. . . .  Added 1-8-2006

My Brother's Keeper - Part of the "New Haven" series. "Jasmine" was the first story in this planned trilogy. This is Jerry's story. update Jan 28 2007

Unfinished Business - Romantic Suspense involving a father, a daughter and a female bodyguard. update 1-1-06 

Chemistry 101- Josephine Donovan doesn't believe in love, it's all so much chemistry. Mind over matter. And then she meets Jake.

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Jasmine - An independent  woman meets a man with a 'knight in shining armor' complex.

For Love of Jason - Michael Raven, a blind man with a child, has a proposition for Christina.

The Road to Love - A picture perfect marriage gone wrong. Can it be brought back on track?

Micki & Ben - A young woman meets the other half of heart, quite literally, by accident. But there are a number of issues that must be overcome before they reach happily ever after. 

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Directions - A short story of a girl who meets a guy.

Sweet Green - A short short. Not really romance. Just a little story.

A Matter of Trust - A series of short shorts surrounding the romance of Adam and Justine.

A Matter of Hope - Story two in the series.

A Matter of Time - Story three in the series.


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